STRIAD provides law enforcement and Community Safety Partnerships with a data-driven risk assessment and management solution to support strategic analysis, tactical delivery and measurement, achieving effective and efficient evidence-based decision-making.

Budget challenges across the public sector, amongst increasing and evolving demands from the public, results in an ever-complex environment for those charged with ensuring the safety of the public. As a consequence, there is a pressing need to prioritise resources within operational environments by implementing trusted processes which leads to the increased safety and wellbeing of the most vulnerable and at risk within society.

The appropriate response to reducing vulnerability within a public safety context starts with having the ability to effectively assess demands and compare existing and emerging threats. Living up to this responsibility with confidence is the foundation for building trust and co-operation with the public.

This is where STRIAD comes into play: supporting the implementation of evidence-based professional judgement in making well-informed decisions about risks and the allocation of resources.

The focus of the strategic assessment is not only on making decisions about demands, but in being confident in the process that informs those decisions with evidence and feedback from day-to-day operations.

This is where STRIAD can help.


The more comprehensive the view on the priorities met on a day-to-day basis and what is needed to respond to risks, the better decision-makers can address vulnerability and justify informed and robust decisions on how to deploy resources toward conflicting demands.

This is where STRIAD can help.


Better communication, information and data sharing between partners leads to delivering community safety more efficiently, with a stronger cooperation in responding to competing demands and addressing vulnerability.

This is where STRIAD can help.


Evaluating the allocation of resources, learning from past experiences, promoting transparency, accountability and evidence-based risk prioritisation is key to public safety, public confidence and legitimacy of the organisation.

This is where STRIAD can help.



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