Xuan Li

Xuan Li is a Data Scientist at Trilateral Research.

As part of Data Science Team, her work is focused on data analytics and software development for public and private clients.

She is currently designing and building the cloud-based solution architecture STRIAD for strategic risk assessment and data-driven decision making. This software includes the frontend design for quality data visualization and the backend design of Amazon Web Services (AWS) based cloud architecture. Xuan has also designed and implemented a near real-time data analysis platform on AWS with Twitter.

Xuan has over six-year experience in mathematical modelling and developing optimization algorithms including machine learning, convex optimization, dynamic programming.

Research background

Xuan’s┬áresearch focused on resource management and load balancing in next-generation user-centric communication networks. She has authored several publications and acted as the reviewer in top-level peer-reviewed journals.

Xuan holds a BEng in Photonics from Beijing Institute of Technology, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southampton, where she worked as a Research Fellow before joining Trilateral Research.