Toby Fenton

Toby Fenton joined Trilateral Research in 2018 as a Research Analyst.

Toby is currently working in the Applied Research and Innovation team on the Risk Assessment for Modern Slavery Response project, which is funded by the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and seeks to develop a risk assessment tool to support the UK military’s response to modern slavery.

He has a keen interest in international relations and security affairs, including humanitarian intervention, the legal and ethical dimensions of armed conflict, terrorism and insurgency, intelligence, and cyber security, amongst other areas.

He has a growing interest in how technological developments (including cyber, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems) affect the nature of international and human security.



Before joining Trilateral, Toby worked as a researcher on international defence and security affairs – including working on the ‘Reduction of Cognitive Biases in Intelligence Analysis’ (RECOBIA) project – and also worked at the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre. He has authored analyses on the defence and security industry for inclusion in a business publication and has written a number of blog articles on international security issues. He has co-authored a framing paper for a workshop on Emirati politics and has supported the planning and delivery of workshops on displacement and national identity in the Middle East.

Toby has an MA in International Peace and Security from King’s College London with a focus on the law of armed conflict, humanitarian intervention, terrorism and insurgency. His MA dissertation analysed Russia’s attitudes towards intervention in Libya and Syria.