Fanou Rasmouki

Fanou Rasmouki is a Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research. 

Fanou’s areas of expertise and research interests encompass: Risk management, financial stability, financial regulation, measurement of variables relevant to decision-making, and more recently, financial crime, tax crime and cyber crime.

Currently Fanou is working on PROTAX, an EU-funded project whose overall purpose is to provide guidance and toolkits to prevent, investigate and mitigate corruption and tax crimes in the European Union.

Prior to joining Trilateral Research, Fanou worked as a Senior advisor in the Risk Advisory department of KPMG in Luxembourg where she helped financial institutions navigate the ever-changing landscape of financial regulation. Her responsibilities included: impact assessments; gap analyses; drafting policies, procedures and methodologies compliant with risk regulatory requirements; implementation and validation of risk models; and providing on-site and in-house trainings in the field of financial regulation.

Fanou has previously gathered experience in the field of reinssurance as a business analyst and in project coordination while volunteering for a Human Rights NGO.

In addition to English, Fanou is able to use French, German and Arabic, as working languages



Fanou has an article published in the Journal of Empirical Finance. The same article won a best paper award at the 16th Euroasian Business and Economics Society Conference. She presented her research papers at various international conferences and spent a semester as a visiting researcher at Bangor University.

Fanou holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Luxembourg where she received extensive training in quantitative research. Her research project was carried out in collaboration with the Central Bank of Luxembourg (BCL).

She also earned an M.Sc. in Financial economics from the University of Luxembourg and an M.A in International Business & Intercultural Management from Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences in Germany.