Anna Donovan Research AnalystAnna Donovan

Anna Donovan is Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

Anna’s work is focused on legal impacts of current and emerging data technologies and practices, including privacy and data protection assessments of risks related to big data platforms,  drone use, digital forensic crawler tools, e-learning tools and others. Anna provides regulatory and policy advice on issues in these areas.

Additionally, Anna leads the delivery of GDPR compliance activities for public and private sector clients, including Data Protection Impact Assessments, GDPR Gap Analyses, lawful basis for processing assessments and Privacy Notice drafting.  

Anna is an IBITGQ certified EU GDPR Practitioner and an Australian qualified lawyer.



Anna is the author of the chapter titled ‘Big Data Drone Data’ published inThe Future of drone Use: opportunities and threats from ethical and legal perspectives.

She is an Australian-qualified lawyer, and she holds an LLM in Information and Communication Technology Law from the Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law (NRCCL), the University of Oslo, where she focused on the European Data Protection framework and corresponding data protection approaches by third countries (including Australia, New Zealand, US).