Trilateral Research, founded in 2004, is a leading multidisciplinary consulting and technology development company. Our team collaborates across social science and technology, to bring insights from each to capture the benefits of data-driven innovation. We create knowledge and tools that empower our clients to transform research into innovation and innovation into impact.

Our foundation is in social science research, with a special focus on the ways in which new technologies may have privacy, social, ethical or data protection impacts. We have built upon this foundation to add cutting edge competencies leading to a rich, diverse set of consulting services within innovation management and technology development. All Trilateral’s services sit within four industry sectors in which we have expertise: ICT, Smart Cities, Crisis & Security and Environmental Sustainability.

Our team collaborates across sociology, criminology, computer science, engineering, economics, technology studies and law and human rights to deliver bespoke, multi-disciplinary services to clients in the public and private sector. This blend of expertise, along with our experience working at different levels in the government sector and across different industrial verticals provides a unique value proposition to our clients.


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