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ICT Innovation & Standards

Trilateral’s Tender Team works with clients across Europe within the areas of ICT innovation and standards to deliver contracted projects by conducting risk, impact and gap analyses, and developing frameworks, tools and governance models. We conduct these activities within diverse environments, from healthcare and medical devices through to smart airports, intelligent transport systems and smart homes. Outcomes include: the identification of good practices; producing governance models; policy and legislative analyses; security risk assessments; data privacy protections; and the mapping of critical infrastructures. Our services offered include:

  • Policy and regulatory advice (e.g., the operation of smart cities, hospitals, transportation networks and airports, and the uptake and application of ICT standards)
  • ICT security risk assessments (e.g., identifying and mapping assets, threats, mitigation measures and gaps
  • Technology assessments (e.g., medical devices, security technologies, critical infrastructures and critical information infrastructures)
  • Research services (e.g., desktop assessment, qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analyses, tool and framework development)
  • Stakeholder engagement and dissemination (e.g., event management, influencing opinions, designing and implementing bespoke governance models, social media and publishing) and foresight (e.g., to identify both good and poor practices)

We work collaboratively with stakeholders that include; government departments and public agencies, infrastructure and service operators, industry and developers, information commissioners, and social actors, so as to:

  • Identify future political policies and legal requirements for the successful development and uptake of technological innovations and standards
  • Identify and codify good-practices across ICT operators, especially within nascent and evolving ICT sectors
  • Identify those ethical, legal and social barriers and pit-falls possessing the potential to impede or even prevent the uptake of ICT innovations and standards

Selected Projects

European Catalogue of ICT Standards for Public Procurement

Delivering on a tender for the European Commission (DG Connect and DG Growth) Trilateral is working to produce the initial prototype of the European Catalogue of ICT St...

Security and resilience for smart health services and infrastructures – “Smart Hospitals”

Security and resilience for smart health services and infrastructures – “Smart Hospitals”: this tender is to create an overview of activities and pilots runni...

Securing Smart Airports

Securing Smart Airports: the tender examines cyber-security threats within the smart airport environment. Final outcomes will include the identification of lessons lear...

Securing Intelligent Transportation Systems in the Smart City

Intelligent transport is driven by the goals of using data to make efficient use of transport resources, as well as improving the experiences of the user. As intelligent transport increasingly beco...

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